When it comes to finding a translator or editor for your project,
you need to know that the professional you’re working with is
experienced, knowledgeable and reliable.

Those with experience in the corporate world know that speed and agility are everything.
And those who live and breathe academia know it’s all about attention to detail.
With my professional background, you can rely on me to produce the results you need.

I’m Allison Neill-Rabaux.

After a successful career doing other fun things with languages, I returned to my first love – working with the written word. I founded anagram translation & editing in 2017.

My passion is helping clients deliver clear, effective messages in natural-sounding English.

The essentials

Behind anagram

I do what I do because I love languages. A lot of linguists joke about reading dictionaries in their spare time, but I actually do!

My passion for languages was born when I first discovered French during my school days. Spanish and German weren’t too far behind.

Having indulged that love of languages at university, I spent years teaching English in France and Germany.

I then came back to the UK and worked as a multilingual business analyst and researcher with some big names in the professional services industry.

But the call of languages got the better of me, and in 2017 I decided to turn my life-long love into my full-time job, helping clients communicate in my native language.

Away from my desk

When I’m not poring over thesauruses and grammar books, I also enjoy reading the business press and scholarly research articles, and I’m passionate about French literature, from the classics to new releases.

My passion for languages goes beyond my professional life. I’m the co-founder, treasurer and teacher at Northern Ireland’s first French Saturday School for bilingual children, and a committee member of the Cercle français de Belfast.

Otherwise, you might find me birdwatching, trying (and mostly failing) to learn traditional Irish step dancing, working towards a zero-waste lifestyle, camping, or just spending quality time with family, friends and my four-legged co-workers.

Your priorities are my priorities


If you’re happy, I’m happy.

Collaborative and curious
Collaborative and curious

I’ll stay in touch with you throughout the project; if I have any questions, I’ll ask. I hope you’ll do the same.


I know that briefs can sometimes change at the last minute. That’s fine – I’ll be as flexible as I can to meet your new requirements.

Attention to detail
Attention to detail

I won’t send my work until I’m satisfied that everything is just as it should be.

Confidentiality and integrity
Confidentiality and integrity

I never share information about projects and am happy to sign a confidentiality agreement.


Professor Dr. Martin Weber
Head of Interdisciplinary Department for Palliative Medicine
University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg
University Mainz

Teaming up with Allison has always proved beneficial for us. Allison really gets to grips with the material and provides us with invaluable feedback, linguistically and in terms of our specific research projects. The first document that Allison proofread for us went on to win a poster prize at an international conference in 2017. Allison has continued to proofread scientific publications for us ever since and it has been a delight to work with her.

Now, that’s enough about me.

How can I help you?